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Wings Over the Rockies

18th Annual Festival

The Mystery of Migration

The Mystery of Migration” is the theme for the 18th annual Wings Over the Rockies Festival May 5-11, 2014. Many different aspects of migration will be explored including the migration of waterfowl and songbirds and the seasonal movement of ungulates, carnivores, butterflies, bats, fish and even humans. The Festival coincides with International Migratory Bird Day May 10, 2014. A full week of more than 70 field trips, presentations and workshops will culminate with a Gala banquet at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort on May 10.

Our Keynote speaker will be Brian Keating, a world-renowned naturalist who has explored nearly 50 countries on all seven continents. He has been awarded an honorary PhD by the University of Calgary for being “an observer, steward and champion of natural wonders, whose exuberance, love of beauty, generosity of spirit and genius for communication …. to teach us about the world’s astonishing, fragile biodiversity and the need to conserve it”. As our invited guest naturalist, Brian will be spending three full days at the Festival giving school presentations and leading field trips.

Click on image to view  PDF of 2014 program

The program for 2014 is now complete and can be viewed in the Day Planner. You can also view a PDF of the complete printed program. Registration begins on Moday, April 7 at 9am MDT.

The Wings Over the Rockies Festival will provide the opportunity for visitors and locals alike to learn more about the mystery of migration and about the Columbia Valley, our backyard – the envy of the world. The historic Pynelogs Cultural Centre on the shores of Lake Windermere will again be the focal point for the Festival and the venue for evening presentations and workshops.



Columbia River Wetlands

The Columbia River Wetlands, one of the longest undisturbed wetland ecosystems found in North America, stretches over 180 km in length from Canal Flats to Donald, BC. This impressive ecosystem gained international recognition when it was chosen as a?Ramsar?wetlands in 2005 and represents one of the few remaining intact portions of the Pacific Flyway critical to migrating birds.

Click on the image below to view photos of some of the events in 2013. Click on the image below to view some stunning bird photos seen in 2013.

Dates for the Wings Over the Rockies Festival for the next three years:

May 5 to 11, 2014

May 4 to 10, 2015

May 9 to 15, 2016