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Event Gallery

Wings Over the Rockies 2017

A selection of various events from the 2017 Festival. Photos by Don Delaney




Plate Tectonics and the

Spillimacheen Wetlands


Photos by Nory Esteban

With the aid of numerous maps, Ron Grams explains plate tectonics and the Columbia River Trench.

Karen Reid talks about the importance of the wetlands.

Learning about beaver dams and wetlands.

Good birding opportunities

A great walk in this historic acreage by the beautiful Spillimacheen Wetlands.


Ecosystem Restoration


Randy Harris explains the importance of restoring grasslands to historic levels.

Grassland restoration around the Thunderhill Ranch restores biodiversity of the land.

Ian Adams, birding guide for this event, spotted a Junco nest.




With Dr. Sheeley Alexandre



Walking with Coyote 2017

We will walk above the Columbia Wetlands, which supports a small group of coyotes and is a good example of the ecological challenges of living in an greenspace so close to an urban area.

Photos by Pat Morrow

Events in 2016

Gala 2016


LakeKeepers Workshop

Classroom and field-based lessons and developing water monitoring skills



Interpreting samples using

microscopes and computers.


Flight cage

Release of two immature bald eagles;

Telus, who was hit by a Telus van, and Brisco Kid

Photo credit Beverly Aitchison

Photos above and below by George Richardson


Lake Enid Finding Balance

Final stage of Wildsight's Lake Enid Restoration Project:

Marvelous Interpretive signs


Exploring the Edgewater Flume

Photos by Lorrie Anderson


The Spectacular Fairmont Hoodoos

Photos by John & Lorrie Anderson


Some events featured in previous years

Exploring the Nature Concervancy's Lot 48 on Columbia Lake



Open forests encourages a healthy bird population, natural grasses and flowers.

Photos: Nory Esteban


Lake Enid In Recovery

Photos: Pat Morrow

Stipa Richarsonii wild grass!


Orchids in the Columbia Valley

Photos submitted by Loni Funnel

and Oscar Raasveldt

Striped Coralroot


The Spectacular Fairmont Hoodoos

Photos: Oscar Rassveldt


Bruce Creek Paradise Ridge

Photos: Pat Morrow


Old Coach Trail


K2 Ranch Village Walk

Invermere to Radium BBQ Paddle

Photos: Janet McMaster

Jean Bernard Caron's presentation for 700 elementary school children

and The Wardens



Flora and Fauna in the Columbia Valley

Photos: Don Delaney

Calipso Orchid

Columbia Ground Squirrels

Juniper Hairstreak Butterfly


Wings Over the Rockies Costa Rica Trip with Eagle Eye Tours

A great variety of habitats, wild flowers, pleasing accomodation and wonderful food.

Exceptional guides, Cam Gillies and Ernesto Carman

Avid birders and interested local children.

The importance of biodiversity in Ernesto's organic shade grown coffee farm.

Photos: Nory Esteban


Click here for more information of the 2017 trip.

To see a selection of some of the birds seen in Costa Rica, please visit the Bird page.

Events Featured in 2014 and repeated in 2015

Five Needle Pine Tree Hike with Randy Moody

A beautiful challenging hike in search of the rare and endangered five needle Limber Pine. We explored the thickest stand in British Columbia and also enjoyed a display of wildflowers in the meadow.

Osprey and Eagle Nests

with Cathy Parkes

An Osprey from the nest by the A&W had been eating a large fish on a pole a ways off from the nest. After his fill, a male I assume, flew with it to the nest.

Photos and comments: Dave Arnold

Following the fish delivery to the nest, one of them took the fish from the nest and dropped it accidentally near where some of our group’s vehicles had been parked. This one in the picture perched patiently until the vehicles were moved away along with their human cargo so, we presume, it could go searching for the uneaten half of the fish.

Birders, birders, everywhere

Photos submitted by Lorrie and John Anderson in various birding events: Osprey and Eagle Nests, Hiking Edgewater's Back Trails, and Wasa Lake.

View the amazing photos of birds in the Birds’ page.


Birds and Forestry: Create and Maintain Habitat Through Time

Canfor biologist, Kari Stuart-Smith, explains the type of logged stand that best supports wildlife. Kari, who has a PhD on songbirds in the area, does not miss an opportunity to spot and observe birds.

Many bird species were spotted in this old logged stand, where sections of wilderness were left intact.

Clear cutting and.......

planting a monoculture of pine trees, as was done in the past, do not favour the preservation of healthy habitats.

Photos submitted in 2013

Guided Columbia River Tour

Excited birders participated in the guided river tour from Fairmont Wetlands to Windermere, led by Columbia River Outfitters.Sitting in the front are happy paddlers, Bob and Pauline Carr,who came all the way from England for the festival!

Photo submitted by Dan Walton, reporter for The Pioneer and the Valley Echo.

Historic Thurderhill Mine Trip

Photos submitted by Mark Ariss

A steep climb offers a great view of Columbia Lake

Colin Cartwright, local author and historian .......

explains interesting details about the mine.

Exploring the mine and remains of mining equipment.

Columbia Lake Paddle and Picnic

Click on image to view video, posted by Jocelyn MacGregor of BC Rockies Adventures in Fairmont Resort.

Limber Pine Restoration

I participated in the Limber Pine restoration where the volunteers planted 275 Limber Pine seedlings along the border of Dry Gulch Provincial Park and Kootenay Park. Randy Moody led the group and provided us with tons of information on the Limber Pine. This pine is rare in BC and this is the 3rd planting of seedlings ever done in BC. Each seedling, which is small and 3 years old had to be entered in Randy’s GPS. Great project.

Claire Crawford

Hiking the Purcells to Spur Lake. Photos submitted by Duane McCartney

Journaling with your Camera with Pat Morrow, award winning photographer.

Photos submitted by various participants.

In the computer lab at Pynelogs

In the field at Wilmer wetlands