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On Demand Presentations

New in 2021!  Wings is pleased to offer all of its on-demand online presentations in a bundled package.  Ticket buyers will be able to view any of the included presentations with members of their household anytime from May 10 through to May 30 inclusive. Multiple viewings will be permitted.  The content of the bundled presentations package is the same, regardless of which Festival day you purchase the package. 
NOTE:  Ticket buyers who purchase an on demand ticket prior to May 10 will receive an email titled Wings On-Demand Online Presentations Package from Wings (  on Sunday, May 9 containing relevant information and links for viewing these presentations.  Viewing will open from Monday, May 10 till Sunday May 30 inclusive.
For ticket buyers who purchase this on-demand online presentations package during the Festival week, you will receive the same email described above on the evening of the day of your purchase. 


Jody Allair

Conserving Canada’s Birds – Leading the Christmas Bird Count
Conserving Canada’s Birds 
Join Jody Allair, Bird Canada’s Director of Citizen Science and Community Engagement, for a captivating presentation on the wonderful diversity of our country’s birdlife. We will go in-depth on the various threats facing Canadian birds and their conservation, and we’ll finish with a detailed discussion on the ways you can make a difference for birds. Whether you are a seasoned birder, or just bird curious, this session will aim to inspire the appreciation, understanding and conservation of Canadian birds.

Jody is an avid birder and naturalist who enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the natural world. He is the Director of Citizen Science and Community Engagement at Birds Canada where he is the co-editor of BirdWatch Canada Magazine and the Coordinator of eBird Canada. Jody delivers various education and outreach programs to audiences across Canada and has written numerous articles on birds, birding and connecting with nature. He has appeared on CBC’s Rick Mercer Report, Ideacity and is a regular guest on the American Birding Association podcast. He was also a member of the Canucks – the first Canadian Birding Team to participate at Champions of the Flyway. In addition to his work at Birds Canada, Jody has been leading birding tours with Eagle-Eye Tours since 2008. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @JodyAllair.

Alan Deyer

The Amazing Sky   Celestial wonders you can see with just your unaided eyes
Alan presents a tour of the sky sights you can see easily with no telescope required — including the Milky Way and the Northern Lights.
Many of nature’s most amazing sights can be seen only when it gets dark, by looking up. Elaborate telescopes aren’t required, just your eyes and a knowledge of what to look for and when and where to look. Alan tours us around the night sky using images he has taken, mostly from western Canada in the last few years, showing what you can see unfold overhead. From the subtle colours of twilight when you can watch the shadow of our planet rising, to the glow of earthshine on the crescent Moon, to the star-filled sky at dark sites — all will be revealed! The Milky Way is a huge attraction and becoming an endangered species as light pollution takes its toll on the night. But we have many areas where we can still see our Galaxy well across the summer sky. The sky show many want to see to check off their bucket list is the Northern Lights. Alan will review when and where you can best see the aurora dance. 

Rod Martin

Pre-Contact First Nations: The Original Earth Stewards
This presentation examines how a number of First Nations’ tribes in pre-contact Canada (Kanata) were not only “Inspired by Nature,” but were the “Original Earth Stewards” and caretakers. The research time period extends from time immemorial to just prior to the arrival of Europeans in the New World. Disparate tribes were identified based on anthropological, archaeological, scholarly research and written records. 
While in no way an exhaustive and complete record, this presentation attempts to inform the participants of a number of the traditions, cultures and ways of life of nine (9) randomly selected tribes from across Canada. This presentation reaffirms the important role that the original inhabitants of Canada (Kanata) had on subsequent generations in the New World.


Pat Morrow

 The Heart and Soul of Adventure Photography
He’ll share hitherto classified dirtbag secrets of how an independently poor freelance photographer can open doors to grand adventures anywhere on the planet with just a camera and a lop-sided smile. Pat will share some of his favourite scanned vintage photos from the Himalaya and Kunlun ranges, as well as those taken digitally this past year, and will sprinkle in some basic photography tips to encourage his audience to explore the creative uses of f-stops, shutter speeds and basic digital darkroom enhancements.

Dean Nicholoson

The Wings of Awakening: Birding as a Path for Spiritual Growth:  
Throughout history spiritual teachers and artists have turned to nature as a source of inspiration and personal growth.  Birds in particular have been a powerful symbol in many spiritual traditions. 
In this presentation Dean, a professional meditator and lifelong naturalist, will take you on a journey to explore the rich history of birds and nature in wisdom traditions.  Using what Buddhist’s call the Three Marks of Existence as a reference point, discover how the natural world can teach us deep truths about nature and our place in it.  These understandings help us develop greater insight, awareness, courage and compassion, and act as an antidote to the uncertainty and stress that has been so present in the past year.  In addition, they help us clarify our place in the natural world.
Join Dean for a presentation of poetry, art and readings that explores and celebrates birds and spiritual understanding.


Wes Olson

Bison, Bugs, & Birds
The Ecological Buffalo: On the trail of a keystone species
We’ve all heard stories about the vast herds of bison that once roamed the forests and grasslands of North America. Herds of such massive size they took 10 days to pass by an observer.
We’ve also learned about the bison-genocide that took place during the mid-1800s, when the North American plains bison population crashed from 30-60 million to just 23 wild bison over a 20 year period.
What many have not learned about was the incredibly complex, inter-woven relationships that bison have with the species they share time and space with.
Join author/artist Wes Olson on a journey into the heart of the northern mixed-grass prairie. Through the lens of photographer Johane Janelle, discover the incredible beauty of the wildlife that are now re-establishing their ancestral relationships with bison.


Chic Scott

“Mount Assiniboine — The Story”.
Mount Assiniboine is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and it has a fascinating history.
To purchase the book go to the Mount Assiniboine Lodge website:
Mount Assiniboine Pioneers
Mount Assiniboine is one of the most spectacular and beautiful mountains in the entire world. Located in the Rocky Mountains, just east of Invermere, this mountain has attracted a unique group of mountain lovers over the years. Explorers, climbers, skiers, surveyors, cowboys, park rangers and many others have come to the beautiful meadows at the base of the mountain, to admire its beauty and pay homage. In this presentation, Chic Scott, tells the story of many of these individuals — Walter Wilcox, James Outram, Bill Peyto, A.O. Wheeler, Marquis Nicolo d’Albizzi, Erling Strom, Jim Bagley, Lizzie Rummel, Al Johnston, Ken Jones, Sam Evans, Sepp and Barb Renner, Andre Renner, Claude Duchesne and Annick Blouin. This is a story of mountain passion, hard work and adventure by some very interesting individuals. This is the story told in Chic’s most recent book, “Mount Assiniboine — The Story”.

                                           Photo by Kathy Madill-Scott





Rodrigo Solis PhD

Metamorphosis; a story of change 
Rodrigo Solis, a Monarch Butterfly specialist for over a decade, had a very unorthodox path to get there. During this story-telling session, I will be sharing with you not a story about science but of how I fell in love with science. I will tell you of my convoluted path that took me from being a horse’s veterinarian to being an enlisted soldier and fighting drug cartels in Mexico and how the Monarch butterfly proved to be my final redemption. 
The Monarch Butterfly, an iconic butterfly species that migrates across North America, has been decreasing in numbers for the last two decades down to critical levels. To bring back its amazing migratory phenomenon and its bright, vivid orange colours, scientists have made the monarch the most researched insect in the world. However, there are still many questions to be answered and many more wonders to explore from this little insect.



Dale Wilker 

Worms Under the Rockies
As is Below, so is Above
Wether it is the birds above our heads or the worms below our feet, all living things depend on the Rule of 3’s. I will demonstrate how the Rule of 3’s lead to healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy creatures. On our farm we think of growing plants as Regenerative Ranching. Raising millions of healthy soil critters is the foundation of life. As is below, so is above!
 We will present ways to foster vibrant living soil in your own gardens, flower beds, or potted plants. One can buy fresh food and still not have the nutrition one needs. What do we as consumers need to understand.
Our global food systems, and local food systems are often overlooked in the climate change discussions. Not only is agriculture one of the largest contributors to GHG’s, but it can also be the most effective forms of mitigation, and hopeful change. Maintaining Soil health is a an important factor for change due to soils ability to sequester and store GHG’s. The key element here is understanding the diverse ecosystems within our soils and the ways in which they not only help us work towards a healthier planet, but also provide us with the abundance of healthy nutrient rich food!