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Dr. Shelley Alexander

Dr. Shelley M. Alexander is a Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Calgary. She has over 25 years of regional and international experience studying wild canids.  Specifically her research has focused on wolf and coyote behavior, ecology, and conservation in the Rocky Mountains, but she been a Co-PI researching coastal wolves in BC, swift fox in Southern Alberta/Saskatchewan, large carnivores in the Yucatan, howler monkeys in Belize, and most recently Painted Dogs in Zimbabwe. Shelley is the Founder and Lead Scientist of the Foothills Coyote Initiative (www.ucalgary.ca/canid-lab), which launched in 2015 and examines landowner’s experiences with coyotes, and their attitudes, values, beliefs, actions related to these encounters.  She also established the Calgary Coyote Project (2005-2012), which examined coyote diet relative to perceived conflict in Calgary, urban and rural diet and parasitism, and coyote interactions with people and pets across Canada (1998-2010), and she spearheaded the on-line citizen science site, Living with Coyotes.