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Brian Wesley bio 2020

Brian Wesley, Walk Guide, bird expert and naturalist,  is a long time resident of the valley.  Brian has participated in numerous birding studies: British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas, Wildlife Canada Services Lewis’ Woodpecker Studies and the Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey. He continues to be an active birder, completing annual surveys: Wild Research Nightjar Survey, the BC and Yukon Owl Survey and Wildlife Canada Services North American Breeding Bird Survey as well as participating in the Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas initiative. He is a member of the Wings Over the Rockies Board.

His guided walks are always a star attraction at the Wing’s Festival. His extensive knowledge of the environment opens up discussion far beyond birds. His walks take in everything from history and geology, to wildlife of all kinds. His interesting anecdotes help the information stick. His introduction to the sounds around you is both amazing and helpful. Brian’s low key leadership style makes participation comfortable for newcomers and experienced nature seekers alike.


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