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As an Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Biology and Director of the Avian Science and Conservation Centre of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Dr. David Bird has published 200 peer-reviewed papers and supervised 50 graduate students on a wide range of wildlife themes revolving around birds of prey, including endangered species, toxicology, captive propagation, human-wildlife conflicts, and more recently, the application of UAVs (drones) to wildlife research and conservation. Until his retirement in 2013, he taught several university-level courses, including ornithology, wildlife conservation, ethology, and scientific communication.

Dr. Bird is a past-president of the Raptor Research Foundation Inc. (an international organization devoted to birds of prey), past-president of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists, an elected Fellow of the American Ornithologists’ Union, a former member of the Board of Directors of the American Birding Association, and a Fellow representing Canada of the International Ornithological Union. He currently sits on the boards of Unmanned Systems Canada, an organization dedicated to the use of unmanned vehicles, and Bird Studies Canada.?Besides his innumerable public lectures and radio and television appearances, Dr. Bird was a regular columnist on birds for The Gazette of Montreal for 28 years and still writes columns on birds for Bird Watcher’s Digest and Canadian Wildlife magazines.

He has written and/or edited several books, the most recent ones being:

The Bird Almanac: A Guide to Essential Facts and Figures on the World’s Birds in 2004

Raptor Research and Management Techniques in 2007

Birds of Canada in 2010

Birds of Eastern Canada and Birds of Western Canada in 2013

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