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Diane has been involved in the health and wellness industry since 1994 when she graduated from the
D’Arcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario receiving her 2200 massage diploma. Diane deepened her
knowledge over the years with several modalities of healing including Reflexology, Thai-Yoga massage,
Nerve Touch massage, AIS, Aromatherapy, Watsu, and Reiki to name a few. After many years of travels
with her teachings worldwide becoming well versed in different wellness approaches Diane was looking
for more balance within her own healing and harmony in her body. She was introduced to yoga in 2002
working at a back country ski lodge. After an immersion of yoga for only a week the changes and
mindfulness about her own conscious breath and deep relaxation brought her to pursue yoga in more
depth. In 2006 Diane travelled to India to the Sivananda Ashram doing her first yoga teacher training.
It took her to Hawaii 3 time with 2 teacher
trainings….and always wanting more!! Diane’s world changed when her son came into her life in 2008.
It was the most magical day!! The indescribable feeling of pure love that only exists between mother
and child. Diane continued to pursue her passions with the health industry travelling to Puerto Rico to
study the Living Foods Lifestyle. Feeling her vitality and lifeforce recharge more than ever imaginable….
Diane returned back a few years later to Puerto Rico to volunteer in the greenhouse to master the
growing of wheatgrass and living foods. The opportunity of operating Pleiades Spa & Wellness brought
Diane to the Columbia Valley in July 2014. She created a space that offered wellness retreats,
workshops, and a variety of wellness modalities were all on the menu. Pleiades Spa & Wellness closed
its doors October 2020 directing Diane to Radius Retreat to connect with Mother Earth at a deeper level
to share and create a space for transformation within nature. All these wonderful programs and
offerings will start to nourish and grow this year at Radius within the majestic mountain landscape and

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