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Don Delaney lives in Edmonton and is an avid birder, wood carver of birds and bird and nature photographer. He was interested in birds from an early age and has always been a keen observer of wildlife. Don worked for many years as a teacher and educational consultant in Edmonton and has spoken at may education conferences. As an adult, Don became interested in carving decoys, decorative decoys, songbirds and birds of prey. Don is still an active carver working with the Alberta Woodcarving Association and his carving friends. His birds have won awards at prairie wood carving shows. 

Over the past decade, Don has embraced digital photography, a medium that allows him to pursue his love of nature and particularly birds, through the beautiful images he is able to capture. Don conducted a seminar on bird photography at the Reflections of Nature show in Saskatoon in 2010. He is passionate about birding and is a lifelong learner. Don has been to the Columbia Valley several times and was able to capture images of birds that he would not always see on the prairie. 

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