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Long-time Columbia Lake residents Dave and Donna Rae live and do business anchored by three foundational values: respect for the land and lake, support for community, and encouragement of an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Having supported the Wings Over the Rockies Nature Festival since its inception over two decades ago, the event is deeply aligned with environmental and community values the couple holds dear. “The Columbia Valley’s culture is one of friends helping friends, and neighbours being there for neighbours.”

Recipients of the 2009 BC Hydro Power Smart Excellence Award in the category of Builder/Developer the couple set a new benchmark for innovative, environmentally responsible development. The award was confirmation that the communities they develop are created with respectful deference to the natural beauty of Columbia Lake and its surroundings.

Having lived, worked, played, and raised their family in the Columbia Valley for over 40 years, Dave and Donna Rae are passionate about Columbia Lake and, with relentless determination, create communities that feel like home. The pair strives to put nature first, minimize stress on the environment, and leave the land in as natural a state as possible.

With so much time spent on and around the lake, Dave and Donna support and work with the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society. They are committed to protecting the lake for future generations and are passionate about sharing how special Columbia Lake is.

“Even after so many years living on the lake, every day we are in awe of its beauty.”

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