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Kayla Kay: A Mountain Within

A B.C girl born on the coast, I have been passionately pulled to the wonders of the world my entire life. From salty coastal seas, cotton

candy prairie sunsets, to giants forged deep within the Rocky Mountains. I have sought out the beauty beneath the skies.

It is here that my inner Wander Woman was forged.

As a little girl, I established imaginary settlements along creeksides, made dresses of leaves, and dreamt of the days of pioneers forging

their way in the world. I’d come home with hair full of twigs, that told a tale of my daily explorations and my love of the outdoors.

Later in life I grew up in the prairies and created community around fitness with a focus on outdoor bootcamps. As the twigs in my hair

telling tales of my time in the forest, my passions and experience within a fitness community carved a path in my soul. I found my

calling to connection. Connection to nature and connection to others. This passion quickly grew to helping other find their own

connections. As a personal trainer, I worked alongside others to empower themselves.

After becoming a mom to a wonderful little boy, I made a move back to my roots in beautiful B.C. It was here that I found myself

once more. A journey from trailhead to summit. Time and time again, with one foot in front of the other, I’ve been on a journey of

connection, helping other women summit their own mountain and forge their connections to themselves and the world around them.

I am the wander woman and I have conquered a mountain within.

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