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Kent Kebe was born in the Valley and has lived his entire life in and around the Village of Radium Hot Springs, graduated from David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere and went on to get his meat cutting certificate where he worked for 21 years at the Family business in Radium Hot Springs.

Kent spent his holidays each fall guiding hunters and sight seers for local Guide outfitters and honed his horsemanship skills. Kent has been a lifelong member of the Windermere Valley Rod and Gun Club and very active in the organization.

Kent enjoys wildlife viewing, fly fishing, hunting, hiking and shooting his compound bow. Kent does not have formal education in Wildlife Management but has been very active during his life learning and teaching others about wildlife, archery and other associated outdoor activities.

Kent’s passion is for the Local Bighorn Sheep that call Radium and area home. Kent has been very engaged with the local biologist and CO Service regarding the Sheep, he was instrumental in creating the local Wildlife Display in the Radium Visitor Information center and has been associated with the Radium Bighorn Festival from its beginning in 2005 as an organizer and presenter. Kent is passionate about sharing his knowledge and teaching others about our Wild Sheep and other local ungulates. 

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