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History of the Ktunaxa People

The Ktunaxa have occupied their Territory since time immemorial, and they have deep spiritual, cultural and social connections to the land and the water. Their relationship to the land and water, including all living things, is supported by their oral histories and teachings. Their Creation Story follows the waterways within their Territory, highlighting the importance of the Columbia and Kootenay Rivers; both being central to their worldview.

As a part of the Wings over the Rockies Festival, Alfred Joseph, a Knowledge Holder and Nasukin (Chief) of ʔakisq̓nuk, will be leading an interactive discussion about the history of Ktunaxa in the Columbia Valley and throughout their traditional homelands. Alfred will bring his display of cultural items that have been used in the past for cross-cultural workshops and elementary and secondary school presentations. The presentation and discussion will be in an open format framed by questions and input from the audience.

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