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Leigh Anne Isaac is a Registered Professional Biologist in BC. She earned a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from York University and shortly afterwards left Ontario for the west. Leigh Anne specialized in snake ecology during her MSc and PhD and began working with bats in 2001. In addition to her work in herpetology, Leigh Anne is very interested in bat research and conservation projects. She works as a Senior Wildlife Biologist with VAST Resource Solutions in Cranbrook, BC on a diversity of projects including environmental impact, species inventory, and habitat use projects. In addition, she coordinates the regional non-profit bat conservation program- Kootenay Community Bat Project. Leigh Anne believes strongly in the idea that we can live alongside bats and is committed to helping citizens doing so. In addition, she understands the power of community-based conservation and leads bat-house building workshops to augment bat habitat. And finally, as a working mom of an inquisitive 5-year old, Leigh Anne recognizes the profound importance of educating our young people in bat awareness and education.

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