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Born and raised in Kempten Allgaeu (Germany – Bavaria) and immigrated to Canada in 1992.
Max has been involved in Paragliding since 1987 and started Hang Gliding in 1989. Max worked as a Paragliding instructor and test pilot for various Paragliding manufactures and the DAeC in Germany.
He also fly’s Single Engine Aircraft’s since 1999, Sailplane’s since 2000 and is a Ultralight Flight Instructor since 2003.
In 2015 Max registered a Ultralight school with Transport Canada (Flight Training Unit) #, 5031 and is offering Powered Paragliding instructions as well.

Max & Penny have also competed 4 times at the
Besides flying, hiking, skiing and chasing adventures with his family, Max is working as a Internet Marketing/Development Consultant and is the founder of and president of Trappeur Homes

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