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Pat Bavin was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia where mountains and nature are his playground. Over the last 45 years he has owned 10 businesses in the fields of Sports, Arts and Healing. He has been the elder partner of Bavin Glassworks over 32 years as well as a painter since 2000. Pat graduated from college as a Technician in Community & Regional Planning, with a thesis in Alpine Park Planning, as well as background in Bioregional and Outdoor Recreation Planning.

In 1991, Bavin started training to become a Feng Shui practioner which gave him new eyes to see the interaction between Natures elements and our senses and emotions. Shrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) is recent to his passions which is a natural fit with his existing practices. He has travelled to Peru, Japan, Central America and Baffin Island to engage in ancient practices with spiritual curiosity since 1987. Pat is now working with the language and research of scientists in the Natural and Medical world by sharing his Art and Healing practices known as “2 eyes seeing” which improves perception. Pat spends much of his time in the mountains with skiing, snowshoeing, and studio painting in winter then shifts to Forest Therapy, hiking, and sketching in summer. At the moment he is providing design and development support to the exciting creation of the Forest School at Windermere Elementary School, Windermere, B.C. Pat is the first certified guide with The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides Association for the Kootenay region. May the Forest be with you!

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