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Sarah Johnson is a pollination ecologist with an endless passion for the conservation of our furry friend, the bumble bee! She is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University studying how bumble bees are impacted by changing landscapes in British Columbia. She currently holds a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, one of the top PhD awards in the country, and is the founding President of the Native Bee Society of BC est. July 2019. Over the past decade she has led many large-scale native bee research and education projects across Canada: from her masters studying the effects of logging on bee-pollinated wildflowers in the foothills of the Alberta Rockies, to leading field work for a project examining how beneficial insects contribute to southern Alberta agriculture, to managing a national native pollinator conservation program based out of southern Ontario with citizen science, education, and research projects across the country, to her current doctoral research on bumble bee movement in the fire-mediated landscape of the west Chilcotin.

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